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Automatic Gearbox Diagnostics

A modern automatic gearbox is a highly technical piece of engineering and as such requires equally technical servicing and investigation. Depending on your specifications, we offer different levels of diagnostics. From a simple warning light on your dashboard, through to a full gearbox repair, we can diagnose automatic transmissions issues rapidly. Furthermore, at The Mechanical Workshop, we can even provide engine control unit resets and re-adaptions, ensuring your vehicle’s automatic transmission module software keeps up with the latest updates.

We invest heavily in this equipment and software to ensure we are always on the cutting edge

To investigate an engine or transmission in depth we conduct full diagnostics employing the latest technological equipment such as Autologic, Bosch, Launch, Snap On and VAG Group. This allows us to gain an inside view and detect faults electronically in no time, so we can then provide accurate and quick repairs. We aim to complete a full diagnostic in one hour, but depending on the issues encountered it can take up to half a day.

We invest heavily in this equipment and software to ensure we are always on the cutting edge of diagnostics technology, which allows us to provide you with the greatest service possible.

For further information regarding our services or to book an automatic gearbox diagnostics, please feel free to get in touch and discuss your requirements.

Our Diagnostics Services

  • Autologic
  • Launch
  • VAG Group
  • Snap On
  • Bosch
  • Full Car & Automatic Gearbox Diagnostics
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Latest hardware and software diagnostics

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Autologic Diagnostics

Autologic Diagnostics

Launch Diagnostics

Launch Diagnostics

Snap On Diagnostics

Snap On Diagnostics

Bosch diagnostics

Bosch Diagnostics