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Automatic vs. Manual Vehicles

Do you know the key differences between an automatic and a manual vehicle?

Our image below shows the pros and cons of automatic and manual transmissions.

Chart showing differences between automatic and manual vehicles

Many people find automatic vehicles easier to use as there isn’t the use of a manual gearbox. They are also less manually restrictive as you are able to keep both hands on the wheel at all times. Due to having an automatic gearbox, there is a reduced risk of stalling and tend to be better for hill starts.

Manual vehicles used to be a lot cheaper than automatics when they first came out, however, the price gap is slowly closing – but manuals are still slightly cheaper. They are also more involving to use due to regularly having to change gears. This can help to hold people’s attention when driving.

Automatic vehicles can be more costly to repair when something goes wrong, however, our mechanics specialise in automatic gearbox repairs and offer very competitive prices. We are often favoured over main dealerships due to our low prices. We also provide reconditioned automatic transmissions for all makes and models of car.

If you have an automatic vehicle that is in need of a gearbox diagnostic or repair, then contact The Mechanical Workshop today.