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Manual vs Automatic Cars

The gearbox is what allows you to change gears in your car whether this is automatically or manually, all cars have them.

Gearboxes are vital for your car to work optimally, in the lower gears it is more powerful but at a slower speed, higher gears, on the other hand, allow the vehicle to move faster but it will be less powerful. So we know that gears are important but which kind is better? Manual or automatic?  

This post should help you to gain a better understanding and help you decide which kind of vehicle is most suited to you.

Manual Vehicles

Manual vehicles require a bit more of a hands-on experience. Unlike automatic vehicles, manuals require you to physically shift the gears yourself, although some people might not like this, others actually prefer it. These are some things that are good about manual vehicles.

More Control

Manual gearboxes allow you to have more control over the car, if you are on a hill and you need that extra bit of power, you have the control in a manual vehicle to go down to the lower gears to achieve that.

Less Expensive

Another reason these cars are great is they can be less expensive a lot of the time, this could be due to the fact that there isn’t much demand for them in England like there are in other countries like America.

Driving Licence

One great thing about learning to drive in a manual car is that once you pass your test you are legally allowed to drive both manuals and automatics. However, if you learn in an automatic you are not allowed to drive a manual car unless you take a manual test.

Automatic Vehicles

Automatic vehicles differ from the manual as they don’t have a clutch pedal and have a much simpler gearbox instead. They usually have 4 modes: park, reverse, neutral, drive. Automatic cars select the gears by itself based on the road and speed. Although a lot of people are used to manuals, automatic cars have their benefits too.

Easy to Drive

Since there is no clutch and no need to think about what gear you need to be in, driving becomes a whole lot easier. As well as this, you are much less likely to stall your vehicle, resulting in a straight forward and relaxing drive.

Better in Traffic

Isn’t it annoying when you are stuck in slow-moving traffic and have to continuously switch between gears while stopping and starting? With an automatic vehicle, this process becomes a whole lot easier, smoother and judder-free since no gears need to be selected.

Less Likely to Fail

Since there is a much smaller chance of the gears grinding, the transmission is less likely to fail which is great. However, the only downside is that when it does fail, it will be a lot more expensive to repair.

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