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What is a Tiptronic Gearbox?

When buying a car it can be a bit overwhelming with the number of features and even different gearbox types. Although you may usually hear about just manual and automatic gearboxes there is also another option too called the Tiptronic gearbox. This article will go over exactly what a Tiptronic gearbox is as well as explaining whether it is worth investing in a car with one.

So What Exactly Are They?

A Tiptronic gearbox is almost an in-between of a manual and automatic car. It is basically an automatic gearbox that gives you the ability to change your gears manually. This allows you to have greater control than with an automatic and can be especially useful for going uphill. This is actually a fairly common feature in European cars and even some Japanese ones too.

The difference between a Tiptronic gearbox and an automatic one is that Tiptronic ones have an option to switch out of its automatic mode so it will work like a manual car when you choose. Some newer models have safety features in places so it limits the speed of the car when it is in certain gears so it doesn’t damage the car which is something to consider.

Are They Safe?

Like mentioned, a lot of the more modern versions actually come with safety features to ensure you can go above a certain speed in different gears.  It is important to note as well that it cannot be revved for too long or the cars safety features will click in and automatic mode will be switched back on. This car is not great for people who are looking to race their car a bit or even practice drifting but for an everyday kind of car, this is a great solution giving you the best of both worlds with great safety features in place.

Are They Expensive?

Since Tiptronic is a more complex system than automatic or manual, it can be a bit more expensive. If you are able to spend a bit extra money then this is definitely a great investment. It allows you to have the option of driving as you would in a manual but also in an automatic while ensuring that you are safe in the process.

If you have any further questions regarding gearbox types or you have a gearbox that needs repairing then please feel free to get in touch with us today with any of your questions.